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par Sybilla le le Mer 6 Juin - 14:44
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Hello. I have a small question, is it possible to order theme to forum (forumactif phpbb2) in English? Because I'm learning French, and I do not want to hurt my language while writing.

par Awful le le Ven 15 Juin - 12:03
<img src="" title="Avoir fêté une deuxième fois Halloween avec nous" class="pas_obtenue badge_95">
Your badges have two classes. To add a badge in a profile, just add the second class in the text zone of the field.
For example, you need to add "badge_95" to add this badge. If you look at your own profile on your forum, I added three badges.

You have to separate badge by a semicolon.
par Sybilla le le Mar 26 Juin - 22:12
Hello Awful!

I have one question, u know maybe how do it this template in profile, but I would like to choose something on my phpbb2 forum?
par Awful le le Jeu 12 Juil - 22:56
Sorry for the late anwser !
I do not understand your question
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