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le Mer 6 Juin - 14:44
Hello. I have a small question, is it possible to order theme to forum (forumactif phpbb2) in English? Because I'm learning French, and I do not want to hurt my language while writing.

le Mer 6 Juin - 15:03
Hello Sybilla!
There's no problem c: Would it be okay with the form though? Or do you maybe need an english version? °°
Also orders are currently closed but will open again very soon c:
le Jeu 7 Juin - 1:05
Hello Awful! <3
Wow thats great, I am happy. I have sweet question is it still available, choose the category of templates for forumpolish? Because in general I did not find anything interesting from ready, I have one that is both perfect and at the same time matching the theme of the fantasy forum. That's why I want to change it.
le Jeu 7 Juin - 1:36
Sorry, I don't really understand... :c
What do you mean, "choose the category of templates for forumpolish"? °°
le Jeu 7 Juin - 1:52
That mean I want order Categories et forums ((Codes de forum).
le Jeu 7 Juin - 10:14
Oh I see!
Of course you can!
le Jeu 7 Juin - 11:56
This first I need to create a maquette to show Catégories et forums? Yes ?
le Jeu 7 Juin - 12:10
Here's the kind of mockup people posted to order a code: here, here and here.
The last one is a whole index page though but you get the point. You're not forced to give me a well polished mockup made on Photoshop, even a sketch on paper (as long as it is clean and readable) can be enough. I just need to have a good idea of what you want. Dimensions are required too if possible °w°
le Jeu 7 Juin - 14:18
I have a question. Can you get inspired by one of the mockups from another forum? Of course you know, it would be a bit different but it's mainly about the beginning of coding because the rest will be different from the look. Then it will be taken as plagiarism or not? I noticed that some patterns are repeating and do not have any such problems. That's why I'd rather ask you immediately to know for the future.
le Jeu 7 Juin - 14:29
As long as you don't ask me to replicate the exact same thing, it's okay! You can totally provide inspiration like screenshots from other forums (or even url address) you like.
le Mer 13 Juin - 23:29
Hello, is me again ^^. I have the question. How I can do it in the profile_view_body achievements, because I wanted to do it how Never-Utopia but, I don't know. Do you help me, please?
le Jeu 14 Juin - 11:29
If french is okay with you, you can find some explanations here: http://www.never-utopia.com/t57920-nihil-systeme-de-badge?highlight=badge
le Jeu 14 Juin - 15:04
I love you and Thank you <333333333333333333333333333
le Jeu 14 Juin - 19:56
Hey! I have a problem with this system because I do it step one step but don't see results with this.
My forum: http://narutodesign.forumpolish.com/u1
I don't know what I do it wrong ;_; please help me
le Jeu 14 Juin - 20:47
You need to know that I normally don't give support when it's not my code :c
People on Never-Utopia may be much more helpful than me, but I'm not sure they speak english.
Anyway, I feel bad not helping you so....

Did you create your profile field? I don't see it (probably because I'm only a guest)
Did you Enable Javascript code management? I also don't see it appearing in your code :v
le Jeu 14 Juin - 23:20
Thank you for special help.

Overall, I turned on javascript and how I made the field according to their requirements but I still do not see this field. I gave the field for a guest. I can always give a password and login to the account which will not be a problem.
le Jeu 14 Juin - 23:52
Alright I had a quick look at it and the code seems to work fine for me!
Did you modify the javascript code?

/* on vérifie si on est bien sur la page de profil */
if (/^\/u\d+$/.test(document.location.pathname)) {
    var idPage = "11"; /* numéro de la page HTML */
"11" is to be replaced by the number of your HTML page. When you look at your HTML pages in your admin panel, there's a column "page ID".

/* on récupère la zone badge */
            var $profilBadges = $("dt:contains('Badges obtenus')").closest("dl");
Replace 'Badges obtenus' by the name of your field.

It should work fine after these changes.
le Ven 15 Juin - 0:11
That's what I did, as you say, and nothing has changed at all.
le Ven 15 Juin - 0:25
Did you check "In all the pages" for the placement of the javascript code?
le Ven 15 Juin - 0:31
I did as you say, however, they do not show in profile like that person, these pictures in the longer profile under the main fields.

https://i.servimg.com/u/f21/18/84/01/39/locali10.jpg -> https://i.servimg.com/u/f68/18/84/01/39/a_effa10.png
I won't do it this something, but I don't know how
le Ven 15 Juin - 0:32
I just checked one more time, and corrected that page ID, but I still can not get the effect, as I wrote in the last message.
le Ven 15 Juin - 0:40
Sybilla a écrit:I can always give a password and login to the account which will not be a problem.
Honestly I can't figure what the problem is, so if it's okay with you, maybe you can give me an access to your forum? (in the hide BBcode)
le Ven 15 Juin - 0:58
le Ven 15 Juin - 1:15
Okay it's done!
Javascript wasn't enable that's why c: Now it works fine, I added the CSS code in the CSS of your forum because it doesn't work if it's in the HTML page (don't know why)
You can see it on your profile now
le Ven 15 Juin - 10:55
Yay, thank you for your help. And I have a question about adding badges to people, how should I do?
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